Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Kits Continued...

Please note that colours and embellishments may vary between kits

All of our kits come with everything included, making them ready to use.

Head on over to Craftumi to check out details on our kits.

Simple Felt Star Christmas Decoration

Simple Felt Star Christmas Decoration - Style 2

Felt Treat Bag

Simple Felt Needle Book

Felt Coasters - Square

Felt Coaster Kit - Flower

Small Felt Pin Cushion

Great Kits for Children

Pom Pom Spiders - Large and Small

Feather Angel

Bird Mobile

Window Dangles - available in butterflys, stars, birds and hearts

Crazy Clown

Large Fairy Princess

Crazy Clown Pencil Holder - also available in a Fairy

Rocking Birds

Foam Pen Holders (available in a Pirate, Prince, Dinosaur, Fairy)

Pink Cardboard Angels - available in Large and Small

Maronga Horse and Cow

Wibbily Wobbly Skeleton

Small Fairy Princess Puppet

Begonia Grub

If you are interested in one of our catalogue's please email me at .

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