Sunday, October 14, 2012

UP and Running

Finally starting to get reorganised and I'm up and running  again.  Sorry it has taken so long, life has been so hectic, there has been alot of changes going on in my little world, but we have finally settled down and are now in a routine again.  Yeah, I never realised how difficult it is to get back on track if you get off it in the first place.  I won't be letting that happen again.

I have some new kits in the pipe line which I will reveal next week...

But in the meantime I have been busy getting ready for Bush Christmas again, which is almost here.  This is such a fantastic event, I love being part of it.

I have also started going to Markets again, these are such fun and I do enjoy going and meeting people.

We will be at the Handmade Expo Markets this weekend.


Saturday 20th October 2012
Saturday 17th November 2012
Saturday 15th December 2012

Saturday 24th November 2012 9am-2pm
The Old School Arts Hall, Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley
Up to 40 stalls of boutique high quality handmade, handbaked & handgrown xo
We will also be attending all of the above markets with many more to come.
Have a fantastic day


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not forgotten

Alot has been going on over the past year and a bit.  I''m afraid I have been neglecting this little blog.  Please bear with me while I start to revitalise myself and our craft kits. 

Have a fantastic Sunday Lisa

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Ready

So things have been abit slow with us over the past couple of months.  Mel had her baby a little boy, they are over the moon, it is keeping them very busy.  Michelle has been busy working and I have been busy with homeschooling I have three to to teach now.  Now it is starting to get warmer we have decided to venture out and about to some markets.  Our husbands are all for it, as last year everytime we had a market planned it rained so much we couldn't get out :-)  Hopefully this time we will have better luck.  We have decided to only do local area markets this year and maybe branch out to other areas next year... 

Our first Market is this weekend, the Surat Fathers day market.  Surat is a lovely little town and a great community and we enjoyed our last market there.  Nanny and Poppy are coming to visit the girls, they are so excited they are counting down the sleeps.  We are also mustering at the moment so it is a busy time for us on the property. 

We are have some new kits in progess and am looking forward to showing them to you all very soon. 

Bush Christmas in Toowoomba is coming up again very fast, so I have been busy getting things ready for this as well.  It is a wonderful event and well worth visiting.  I will post more about this years Bush Christmas as it gets closer.

This little angel is one of our new kits, she is a mini version of our bigger feather angel decoration kit, she would be great as a decoration or a magnet for on the fridge.

Have a great week.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Craft day

So the girls and I had a bit of a craft afternoon yesterday, testing the new wormy kit, and another new kit we are working on for Christmas Ginger.

Emeline and Elsie working on Wormie and Ginger.

Elsie's wormy, pretty cute.

Emeline's wormy.

Emelines Ginger.

Elsie's Ginger, she is still working on this one.

Emeline's crazy heart face.

I love that it doesn't take very much to spark their creative imaginations.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, June 27, 2011

New Kit

Another new kit, this time another bookmark that could be for either a boy or a girl.

A funny quick and easy bookmark.  Very easy for younger children as only pasting is required.

Included in kit:
Pre-cut cardboard and felt shapes, google eyes, embellishments.

Not Included: 
Craft Glue and Pen for drawing on face.

Skill Level:   Very Easy.  Pasting and drawing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our house this week

A little bit of creativeness has been going on in our house this week.

The girls helped me with some paper gift bags.  We now have quite a healthy stash of these.  The girls like helping with these, as they are so quick and easy to make, they saving wrapping presents and look great.

Also been catching up on lots of schoolwork and are looking forward to the school holidays.

Have a great day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A new kit

A new kit.  I have just added this great little kit to our Craftumi store.  A bargin at only $1.00.

This kit includes everything you need to  create this pretty bookmark, it comes pre-cut making easy for young children to complete without little much help.

Skill Rating:  Very Easy. Pasting.

Have a great weekend.