Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craft Day

A great time was had by all, at our craft day for the ladies.  There was 15 ladies who attended from the St George and Thallon areas.  We made some new friends, while having fun at the same time.  We will definately be doing this more often.

Michelle chatting with the ladies.

The most popular kits:

Feather Angel

Flower Coasters

Square Coasters.

Round Coasters

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday Morning

On the Agenda.

We have busy at Begonia Country Crafts,  so much to prepare for in such a short amount of time, along with lifes little treasures etc.. that pop up in between,  such as school holidays, visitors, and so on.

We have some ladies from in St George coming for a day of crafting in the country tomorrow.  Not sure what to do yet, as usual I leave everything to the last minute, nothing like pressure to get the creative process flowing.  Almost must fit in baking for the day.  Thought maybe some paper garlands and felt christmas decorations, as it won't be long till christmas now.  I think I'll let the ladies decide what they want to do.

Will post some photos of the day on Wednesday.

Have a great day

Monday, September 20, 2010

For Kym

I must apologise Kym, I am currently experiencing very frustrating email problems and have been unable to get back to you. 

These are the mens jumpers I was thinking of for you.

Let me know what you think,  via email is fine, Michelle will let me know.

Have a great day


This one uses a sort of chunky wool, really only available in this sort of colour.

This is the one I would suggest.  It is a Jo Sharp pattern and uses her silkroad Dk Tweed, which is  a wool with a small amount of cashmere and silk.  I have used this wool before and it is devine.  I made a pair of socks from this wool and never want to take them off.

I would suggest these colours




Peppercorn (picture of Jumper)



PS:  I will keep looking for other suitable patterns..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Market Day

Please forgive me everyone I am still a little tired, so I have just copied what I wrote on my emecountrycreations blog.  Hope you all had a great week and fantastic week end and are refreshed and ready to go for the new week.

Yeah, we got to the market on Saturday. It was very touch and go, as rain had been predicted. Woke up at 4 am, yes it was very early. Espeically after a week of early mornings. Merilee picked me up at 5.20, at the front of property and we drove on to meet Michelle, she lives about 10 minutes (as Merilee drives very fast) down the road, and yes she is my neighbour. We live a fair distance apart out here. Off we went to Mitchell for the Fire and River Festival. Mitchell is approximately 120 km from my frontage, so it took us about 1 hour to get there, they wanted a 7am set up. It was so cold, Mitchell is in a little bit of a hollow and it gets so cold. We had our coats on all day. Despite the constant fear of rain.

The day was a great one. We had a great response to our kits. Which was great we were starting to get a little worried that what we thought were a good idea, wasn't what anyone else thought. Yes we all have that fear. I also had a great response to my little felt decorations and felt hairclips, which really made my day. Met some great new people and made some new friends. Also met a lovely lady who is addicted to wool as I am, she spins and does a little felting. It was so good to find someone else out around here with similar interests. Anyway finished at 1.00 and it just started to spit as we left.

Now to start getting ready for the craft day we are having next week for a group of local ladies.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Resuming Transmission

I had to go away in a hurry at the beginning of the week for a family emergency in Brisbane.  We have a market tomorrow in Mitchell if the reported rain doesn't arrive.

Have a great weekend.
Lisa xx

Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Kits Continued...

Please note that colours and embellishments may vary between kits

All of our kits come with everything included, making them ready to use.

Head on over to Craftumi to check out details on our kits.

Simple Felt Star Christmas Decoration

Simple Felt Star Christmas Decoration - Style 2

Felt Treat Bag

Simple Felt Needle Book

Felt Coasters - Square

Felt Coaster Kit - Flower

Small Felt Pin Cushion

Great Kits for Children

Pom Pom Spiders - Large and Small

Feather Angel

Bird Mobile

Window Dangles - available in butterflys, stars, birds and hearts

Crazy Clown

Large Fairy Princess

Crazy Clown Pencil Holder - also available in a Fairy

Rocking Birds

Foam Pen Holders (available in a Pirate, Prince, Dinosaur, Fairy)

Pink Cardboard Angels - available in Large and Small

Maronga Horse and Cow

Wibbily Wobbly Skeleton

Small Fairy Princess Puppet

Begonia Grub

If you are interested in one of our catalogue's please email me at begoniaccrafts@bigpond.com .

Craft Kits

Please note that colours and embellishments may vary between kits

All of our kits come with everything included, making them ready to use.

Head on over to Craftumi  to check out details on our kits.

Felt Bird Decoration:

Mini Christmas Mittens

Felt Mini Round Christmas Decorations

Felt Mini Christmas Stocking

To Be continued:

Mini Felt Xmas Tree Decoration Kit

Colours and embellishments may vary between kits
Kit Includes:
Pre-cut Felt Shapes, thread, needle, embellishment, cord/ribbon, poly filling, instructions.
Tools Required (not included):

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Simple Felt Heart Christmas Decoration - Style 2

Simple Felt Heart Christmas Decoration - Style 2
Colours and embellishments may vary between kits

Included in Kit:
Pre-cut felt heart shapes, small seed beads for embellishment, cord for hanging, poly filling, needle & thread and instructions.

Tools Required (Not Included):
Scissors for cutting thread.

Simple Felt Heart Christmas Decoration

Simple Felt Heart Christmas Decoration Kit

Colours and embellishments may vary between kits.

Included in Kit:
Pre-cut Felt Heart Shapes, Buttons for embellishment, thread, needle, cord for hanging and instructions.

Tools Required, Not Included:
Scissors, clear craft glue (if you do not wish to stitch)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back on track

I must apologise, we have been very busy attending markets and having trips away for family situations etc..  September is our busiest month of the year.  We have weaners to sell and keep.  Bulls to get out to the heifers/cows.  Bull sales to attend and generally a whole lot of cattle work.  The only discussion that gets listened to in our house during September is of course Bulls and which bull sales we are going to attend.  I am also trying to squeeze in a couple of markets inbetween.  It is proving to be a juggling match.  Will just have to wait and see how we go.  We have 3 this week and I have a market on the weekend, which we are hoping to attend.  The Dirranbandi Spring Fling, sounds promising.   

Have a great day
Lisa xx