Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rocking Robin

Little E loves making our Rocking Birds.  If you asked her what she would like to do today, her answer is always "make a rocking bird".  Lets just say these are starting to accumulate in our house.

Once she has created one of these little birds, she plays with them for hours, this one is missing an eye, as Big E made one with three eyes, using one of Little E's eyes. 

These little birds are so quick and easy to make, just a bit of glue and decoration is required.  The only thing we don't supply in the kit is of course the glue, everything else comings in the pack, all Little E has to do is open the bag and get started. 

These kits are now listed in our Craftumi store.  These would make a great idea for holiday crafting.

Have a great day

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